TH1 "Spirituality and Religion"
Presented by Linda Buck, LMFT, CSJ, LPCC
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TH2 "Sexual Betrayal, Deception and Lies"
Presented by Sheri Keffer, Ph.D., LMFT
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TH3 TRE Trauma Releasing Exercises
Presented by Maria Alfara, E-RYT
TH4 "Clinical Applications of Humor in Psychotherapy"
Presented by Steven Sultanoff, Ph.D.
TH6 "EMDR and the Dynamics of Change"
Presented by Deany Laliotis, LICSW
THL "Journey into the Land of Mirth and Funny"
Presented by Steven Sultanoff, Ph.D.
TH8 " Trauma and Couple Recovery: A Research-Based Approach"
Presented by Robert Navarra, Psy.D., LMFT, MAC
TH9 "How to Identify and Address Risk Factors Associated with Young Women's Sexuality"
Presented by Amy Quinn, LMFT and Sibylle Georgianna, Ph.D.
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TH10 "Repairing Adult Attachment"
Presented by Peter Cummings, LCSW, BCD and William Latta, Ph.D., LMFT
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FMA "Yoga for Anxiety"
Presented by Linda Crossley, LMFT, E-RYT 500
F2 "Mind Over Mood: A Simple Path to Art and Science"
Presented by Christine Padesky, Ph.D.
F3 "What Does the Phrase Standard of Care Mean to You"
Presented by David Jensen, JD, CAMFT Staff Attorney
F4 "Disarming the Narcissist: Limits and Accountability"
Presented by Wendy Behary, LCSW
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F5 "EFT: Cracking the Code of Love"
Presented by George Faller, LMFT
F8 "Narrative Work with Families"
Presented by Thomas Babayan, LMFT and Terry Morgan, LMFT
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S3 "Resolving the Chronic Pain and the Opioid Epidemics"
Presented by Joseph Cabaret, MD and Stephen Grindstead, Dr. AD, LMFT
S4 "Understanding Sex Addiction in the Digital Age"
Presented by Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S
S5 "Psychopharmacology"
Presented by Jon Preston, Psy.D., ABPP
S7 "Road to Licensure"
Presented by Anastasia Johnson, JD CAMFT Staff Attorney
S8 "Treating Eating Disorders in Private Practice"
Presented by Lauren Muhlheim, Psy.D., CEDS and Alli Spotts-De Lazzer, LMFT, LPCC, CEDS
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S10 "OM Rhythm Circle" Drum Circle Therapy"
Presented by Ossie Mair, LMFT
S11 "Creative Action Therapy"
Presented by Douglas Green, LMFT
SU2 "American Red Cross Disaster Cycle Services Overview and Disaster Mental Health Introduction"
Presented by Sandra Stark Shields, LMFT, LPCC, ATR-BC, CTS and Barbara Colwell, LCSW
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SU3 "Compassionate Witness, Vicarious Trauma and Compassion"
Presented by Linda Crossley, LMFT, E-RYT 500, Jody Barnes, LCSW, RYT 200, and Zabie Yamasaki, MEd, RYT
SU4 "ACE Study: Adult Well-Being, Disease, and Early Dealth"
Presented by Dr. Vincent Felitti, MD
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SU6 "Rethinking the Role of Shame in Addiction"
Presented by Adi Jaffe, Ph.D.