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CAMFT Board of Directors
2014 - 2015 

The elected leadership shapes CAMFT's policies and programs and has a stake in shaping its future. We would like to introduce you to those who will serve on your Board of Directors for the 2014 - 2015 year.   To contact the Board, please email:   If you would like to propose a project or activity for the Board to consider, please follow the protocol listed here

Jodi Badel BlackleyPresident
Jodi Baldel, LMFT

Laura StromPresident-Elect
Laura Strom, LMFT


Guillermo AlvarezPast President
Guillermo Alvarez, LMFT

Jurgen BraungardtChief Financial Officer
Jurgen Braungardt, LMFT

Leah Flagg-WilsonSecretary
Leah Flagg-Wilson, LMFT

Antonia BouyerBoard Member-at- Large
Antonia Bouyer, LMFT

Robert CasanovaBoard Member-at-Large
Robert Casanova, LMFT

Barbara GriswoldBoard Member-at-Large
Barbara Griswold, LMFT

Larry LangfordBoard Member-at-Large
Larry Langford, LMFT

Patricia RavitzBoard Member-at-Large
Patricia Ravitz, LMFT

Mark PerlmutterBoard Member-at- Large
Mark Perlmutter, MFT Registered Intern

Chris Trailer, Board Member-at-Large
Chris Trailer, LMFT




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