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CAMFT Members in the Media

A number of CAMFT members have been working with our public relations firm, Porter Novelli, to raise awareness of Marriage and Family Therapists, the broad range of issues MFTs treat, and The following CAMFT members were featured in print and broadcast media commenting on or discussing mental health issues and

May, 2012

Sonia Rahel, LMFT authored the article "Miscarriage Etiquette" for the "Ask the Expert" column of the Sacramento Parent.

May, 2012

"Postpartum Mental Checkup" by Terrah Tillman, LMFT was included as a feature article in May edition of Sacramento Parent.

 Los Angeles
April 26, 2012

Rachel Bernstein, LMFT article "When the Well Runs Dry: What Mom's Can Do for Themselves this Mother's Day" was published in the LA Parent magazine.

 Los Angeles
November 8, 2011

The Fiscal Times interviewed Sharon Duffy. The article, "Marriage: Couples That Save Together, Stay Together," which quotes Duffy was published on November 8.

 Orange County

Michael Uram authored an "Ask the Expert" article about disciplining children. The article was published in the November edition of Parenting Orange County.

 San Diego
Jennine Estes was interviewed on "Inside Southern California" which aired throughout the month of October on the Time Warner Cable network. Estes discussed marriage, commitments, infidelity, gay marriage, spirituality, divorce, and marriage therapy.

An "Ask the Expert" article authored by Lyla Tyler about the warning signs of possible alcoholism was published in the November issue of Sacramento Parent.

 Santa Clara Valley
Lara Windett
authored an article "Nine Tips to Help You Stay Sane Thbis Holiday Season." The article appeared on in October.

 San Jose Murcury News
October 18, 2011
Carol Campbell
was quoted in the article "Marvelous in the Middle ."

 September 1, 2011
Lindsay Steward Plumer, LMFT
was quoted in an "Ask the Expert" article titled, "All-Accessing Parenting, My Daughter is on Facebook!."

 August 22, 2011
Allison Cohen's
artictle "50 Ways to Waste a Life," appeared on Cohen also authored the article "Depression: A Family Affair," which appeared on and on September 26, 2011. The article "What Demi Should Know if the Ashton Rumors are True," by Cohen appeared on on October 8, 2011.

 June 1, 2011
Susan Kelsey
was quoted in an "Ask the Expert" article titled, "Is It Necessary to Punish a Child in Order for Them to Learn."

 Bay Area News Group
April 4, 2011
Peter Pearson
was quoted in the article "Why can't we be friends? Motivation is key to fostering East Bay-San Francisco friendships ."

 Contra Costa Times
February 2, 2011
Carol Campbell
was quoted in the article "Sharing the news: Dating when you have an illness." The article appeared in a number of media outlets throughout California.

 The Sacramento Parent
February 2, 2011

Surviving Valentine's after Divorce by Dr. Stephen F. Grenstead, LMFT, ACRPS, CADC-II

USA Today
January 17, 2011

Orange County Chapter
Susan Kelsen
authorized two "Ask the Expert" articles for Orange County Parenting. "Curbing Enthusiasm," which appeared in January and "Sibling Jealousy" appearing in June.

Corinne Rupert authored the "Ask the Expert" article, "Keeping Strong Family Ties," which appeared inthe June edition of Orange County Parenting

Linda Nusbaum authored the "Ask the Expert" article, "Mommy Time," in the July issue of Orange County Parenting.

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