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Self-Study in Law and Ehtics


Earn 2 CEs in law & ethics by reading The Therapist

The courses meet the qualifications for continuing education credit in law and ethics for LMFTs and LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Science

Dear Member:

As a licensee, you must complete six (6) hours of continuing education in law and ethics each license renewal period (L&E/CE). You can earn two of your six hours of L&E/CE by reading the articles in The Therapist that are about legal and ethical issues, and then responding to the True/False questions. Once you have read the articles and responded to each of the questions, return your answer sheet to CAMFT for processing and grading.

You must get at least 70% of your answers correct to earn the two hours of L&E/CE credit (“Passing Score”). If you achieve the Passing Score, CAMFT will mail a certificate of course completion to you, and this certificate will acknowledge that you have earned two hours of L&E/CE. If you do not achieve the Passing Score, your answer sheet will be returned to you. You will then have to revise the incorrect responses and resubmit the amended answer sheet to CAMFT before any credit for L&E/CE will be given.

As a reminder, obtaining continuing education units by reading The Therapist is considered “self-study” continuing education because you are engaging in a form of systematic learning performed at your residence, office, or other private location,” as opposed to listening to an instructor at a live workshop. The law limits how much “self-study” continuing education you can apply to your overall continuing education requirement. For initial licensees, meaning those who have not renewed their licenses for the first time, the BBS allows up to nine of the eighteen hours to be done via self-study. After you have renewed your license for the first time, you are a subsequent licensee, and the BBS allows up to eighteen of the thirty-six hours to be done via self-study. CAMFT’s certificate of course completion will designate hours earned via this self study program as self-study continuing education hours.

Processing Fee:

CAMFT Member:  $40

Non-Member: $50

  • Please note: Once you make your online payment you have five hours available to take the test, after five hours the test will not be available to you online. In order to complete the test you will have to call CAMFT at (888) 892-2638 and request the test be sent to you by fax or e-mail.
  • Take the test by answering true or false to each question
  • CAMFT will send you the answers (including explanations), an evaluation form, and a certificate of course completion. You will earn two hours of self-study CE credits in Law and Ethics. It can take up to 2 weeks to receive the answers and certificate in the mail.

Receive the Test in PDF Format

CAMFT Member - $40

Non-Member - $55

  • Print the test, complete the answer sheet and follow the directions to submit the test.
  • Make sure you have included your name and credit card information.
  • CAMFT will send you the answers (including explanations), an evaluation form, and a certificate of course completion. You will earn two hours of self-study CE credit in law and ethics.

There is no need to feel intimidated or embarrassed if you are not confident of the correct answers. The goal is for you to learn what you know and what you don't know.

Get the Law and Ethics Self-Study test questions.

These self-assessments will help you to stay out of trouble. Some may want to take the test without reviewing any materials or without discussing the questions with anyone. Others may first want to review one or more articles, a textbook, or other resources. Some may want to take this test as a pre-test, then review the resources and re-take the test. An interactive way to take the test would be to do so with one or more colleagues, (e.g. in a consultation or supervision group), so that you can dialogue with others. Developing a clear understanding in this area of practice is essential; we believe you will find this test of significant value whether or not you are in need of continuing education units, or Law and Ethics units in particular.

We respectfully request that the answer sheet you will receive not be shared without written permission. The test and answers are copyrighted materials. We appreciate your understanding and respect for the proprietary nature of this material. We encourage and look forward to your participation.


Jill Epstein, JD
Executive Director

California Association of Marriage ad Family Therapists, BBS Provider #PCE 50

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