Who are LMFTs

Summary and Conclusion

Each of the four licensing laws reviewed have differences, yet there are similarities. Each has strengths and weaknesses, whether real or perceived. Each of the provisions reviewed are enforced and regulated by the licensing boards with various degrees of effectiveness. Some of the differences are significant, and some are insignificant. The laws and regulations pertaining to each profession are founded upon differing theories. Again, our purpose is not to criticize, but to compare. From the perspective of the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist profession, however, it should be clear from a review of this article (and the licensing laws and regulations applicable to each profession) that the requirements for MFT licensure are substantial and detailed, and that they measure up to the psychology and clinical social work professions. Thus, if and when questioned by a prospective employer, attorney, insurer, managed care company, colleague in another profession, or anyone else, the LMFT should not hesitate to make use of the comparisons covered by this article.