Services to Chapter

Mailing Labels/Lists
A chapter can request and receive, at no charge, up to four mailing/e-mail lists per year comprised of members of CAMFT located within the region represented by the chapter. These can be used for special chapter promotions or membership drives. The request form is available on CAMFT’s website in the “Forms” area of the “Chapter Information”

Chapter membership and activities are promoted in each issue of The Therapist, on the CAMFT website, and in the monthly chapter events e-mail sent to all CAMFT members. Early in 2010, CAMFT began giving each chapter an opportunity to be spotlighted in an upcoming issue of The Therapist magazine.

Each CAMFT application package (given to prospective members) contains information about chapter affiliation. In addition, each process package (initial package sent to applicants upon receipt of member application) contains chapter information, as does each acceptance package (notification of acceptance by CAMFT Board).

CAMFT provides monthly add/drop reports to chapter presidents and membership chairs at the beginning of each month. These reports can be used by the chapters to recruit new members, as well as check on the membership status of existing chapter members. CAMFT regularly encourages members to join chapters.

Each month CAMFT send an email blast to the entire membership of all chapter events taking place, to target those CAMFT members in each region who are not members of a chapter to attend and join.

Email updates on a variety of topics are regularly provided to chapters. Such information might include: reports on CAMFT Board activities, new member programs, information about chapter promotional programs, political action, legislation, etc. A resource library with additional information is also housed in the Chapter Presidents and Chapter Leadership groups in the CAMFT Community.

The CAMFT Executive Director and staff attorneys present programs for chapters as requested. These are available at no charge to any chapter that requests a presentation. CAMFT pays costs for transportation and lodging. These presentations may be as brief as an hour or up to a full day, such as the “Legal and Ethical Issues: Best Practices” workshop. Please see the “Forms” area of the “Chapter Information” section to schedule a presentation.

Chapter Leadership Conference
CAMFT hosts a weekend-long meeting each year for chapter representatives to promote networking and information exchange among chapter leaders. A typical program includes an informative keynote address from an association management expert and various breakout sessions on issues pertaining to organizing and sustaining a successful chapter. For more information about the next conference please see the “Chapter Leadership Conference” area of the “Chapter Info” section.

CAMFT has sponsored and successfully achieved legislation intended to benefit chapters, e.g., immunity from liability for chapter referral services and telephone information libraries.

Use of CAMFT Name and Logo
Chapters which meet certain criteria are permitted to use the CAMFT name and logo. The name of the larger organization and its recognition provides the chapter with greater strength and recognition.

CAMFT literature, such as the Code of Ethics, The Therapist magazine, brochures and other promotional materials are made available to chapters at no charge when utilized for a chapter function. To request CAMFT literature or other promotional items for your next chapter event, please see the “Forms” area of the “Chapter Info” section.

CAMFT directs requests for therapist referrals to or local chapter referral services.

CAMFT assists in the development of new chapters or in the mediation of problems that may arise amongst existing chapters.

Annual Conference Display
A special display at the Annual Conference exhibit is made available to chapters at no charge. Chapters may display chapter information to promote the chapter.