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ICD-10-CM Codes 2017

Additional Changes to the ICD-10 Effective September 2017

ICD-10 Diagnostic Codes

To be used starting October 1, 2015 on insurance claim forms. (Click on "Code Tables and Index".)
Additional Changes to the ICD-10 Effective October 1, 2016

Applying For Your National Provider Identifier Number (NPI)
By Anastasia Johnson, JDJ, CAMFT Staff Attorney

Making the Transition to ICD-10
By Michael Griffin, JD, LCSW, CAMFT Staff Attorney

Place of Service Codes

National Provider Identifier standard (NPI)


How to Bill Insurance in an Outpatient Office Setting
by Anastasia Johnson, JD, Staff Attorney and
Karen Ziccardi, LMFT - Member of CAMFT's Insurance and Healthcare Reform Committee


How to Individually Negotiate for Higher Reimbursement Rates with Insurance Plans
by Anastasia Johnson, J.D., Staff Attorney