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Educational Foundation Scholarships

CAMFT Educational Foundation Increases Scholarships to $4,000 Each!

CAMFT Educational Foundation Scholarship 2015
The Educational Foundation of CAMFT has long been involved in providing education, training and research for the purpose of enhancing the marriage and family therapy profession. This scholarship is designed for members of CAMFT who are: pursuing an advanced degree beyond the qualifying degree for the license (post masters degree program) or planning to conduct or are conducting a research project that will advance the profession of marriage and family therapy or participating in advanced training, education or an unpaid internship within the field of marriage and family therapy. Preference may be given to applicants who have expressed their commitment to the profession through membership in CAMFT.  FREE Acrobat Reader to view the forms.  (Deadline December 31, 2014)

Clinton E. Phillips Scholarship 2015
Dr. Clinton E. Phillips was one of the pioneers of the MFT profession in California. He was totally committed to educating and training marriage and family therapists, in a variety of settings including the University of Southern California, American Institute of Family Relations, Fielding Institute and, of course, the California Family Study Center for which he was co founder. Clint was not only an educator but also a practitioner and theorist. The Educational Foundation Scholarship commemorating Clinton E. Phillips honors his memory by providing assistance to students of marriage and family therapy in completing advanced degrees.

The Educational Foundation Scholarship commemorating Clinton E. Phillips will be awarded to a person who:

Preference may be given to applicants who have expressed their commitment to the profession through membership in CAMFT. CAMFT - Educational Foundation, 7901 Raytheon Road, San Diego, CA 92111, (858) 29-CAMFT or 292-2638. (Deadline December 31, 2014)

Ronald D. Lunceford Scholarship 2015
Dr. Ronald D. Lunceford, an MFT and clinical hypnotherapist, was actively involved in advancing the marriage and family therapy profession. He had special interests in gerontology, human relations, death and dying, minority concerns and political action. His efforts in these areas resulted in his becoming actively involved with CAMFT where he served as co-chair of the Minority Concerns Committee, participated in the Human Rights Network, was elected to the Board of Directors of CAMFT, became President and served as chair of the Nominating Committee. His clinical practice was highlighted by his founding of the People's Clinic in Santa Ana and the Irvine Counseling Center. His publications include: Living and Dying - Expression of Life in Transition through Art and Poetry and Attitudes in Death and Dying: A Cross-Cultural View.

This scholarship honors the memory of Ronald D. Lunceford by providing financial assistance to a person from an under-represented ethnic population for admission into an M.A., M.S., or Ph.D. program which will qualify for licensure as a marriage and family therapist.  (Deadline December 31, 2014)

$2,500 Grant Award

CAMFT Educational Foundation Grant 2015
This grant is designed for members of CAMFT who either individually or as a group need financial assistance to engage in a project or activity of benefit to the marriage and family therapy profession. Proposals should be made for research, programs or projects of an educational nature which will enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of marriage and family therapists. Such program, project or activity could include, but is not limited to, the following:

A training event organized by a CAMFT chapter or group of CAMFT members

A collaborative event with a university and a group of clinicians

A research project conducted by a group of CAMFT members

Applicants are encouraged (but not required) to collaborate with other entities and sources of funding, so that the CAMFT Educational Foundation funds are used to leverage other grants, if appropriate. The CAMFT Educational Foundation grant is intended to provide a benefit to the profession and is not intended for personal gain or benefit. (Deadline December 31, 2014)

Combined Scholarship/Grant ApplicationPackage
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(Deadline December 31, 2014)

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