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CAMFT Community

Looking for a great place to network with your peers? The CAMFT Community is the place to be!  The CAMFT Community provides a rich social networking opportunity and a more personalized, relevant experience for members. The CAMFT Community is a secure, member's only, private networking tool that allows members to connect and communicate with each other in new, more efficient, more personalized and user-friendly ways. To login, go to (make sure you bookmark the page for future reference). A step-by-step guide is posted in the library, under Community Documents, as is an activity guide to help you familiarize yourself with the CAMFT Community.

By joining the CAMFT Community you can:

  • Streamline your experience to make sure you receive the information that is most relevant to you.  You control and manage how you receive notifications, so you receive focused information and not an endless barrage of unwanted updates.
  • You can create a personalized profile and build trusted networks around topics of common interest.

Through features like forums, groups, and wikis, you will be able to collaborate and share knowledge and ideas quickly.

Accessing the CAMFT Community:


CAMFT Community Tutorial


CAMFT Community Login
Your username and password to the CAMFT Community is the same as your username and password for the Members Only section of the CAMFT website.  We are excited to have you be part of the CAMFT Community and hope you agree that this is another example of CAMFT's commitment to meeting the current and future needs of our members through the adoption of technology that adds value to your CAMFT membership experience.

To request a username and password send an e-mail to

**Important News Regarding Personal Email Addresses in the CAMFT Community**

Recently the third-party vendor who manages the CAMFT Community website updated the site to give every community member their own email address at the community’s domain name. When messages are sent from CAMFT Community, instead of sending the message “From” an email address like “,” all messages are sent “From” a private email address such as “”

Our third-party vendor put this system into place to comply with recent restrictions put in place by two of the largest email providers, AOL and Yahoo. They believe that more email providers will also adopt these policies in the coming year. This change prevents messages from Yahoo or AOL from being sent from a server not owned by Yahoo or AOL. This meant that if one of our members with an AOL or Yahoo account tried to send a message to any of our CAMFT Community groups, those messages would be rejected by most of the subscribers on the group’s list. Learn more by searching for “dmarc policy” in your favorite search engine.

The First and Last name of the sender is included in the “From” field display, so most users won’t notice this new “From” email address, although some have.

Emails sent to a member’s new private email address will be forwarded to the member’s primary email address.

Thank you for using the CAMFT Community to connect with your colleagues.

If you have questions, please send an email to


CAMFT Community Terms of Use


Please enter your birth year below. We are asking for your birth year to learn the demographics of our members so we can best tailor programs and services. This information is confidential and will only be used in an aggregate form to help us know the age of our membership.
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Consent to electronic voting and help CAMFT conserve member resources and become more eco-friendly! To facilitate electronic voting in future CAMFT elections, please consider giving consent to 1) receiving ballots and accompanying documents from CAMFT via electronic means, and 2) voting by electronic means. Your consent only applies to these electronic communications. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by providing CAMFT with a written notice sent by e-mail, fax, or mail. If you choose to consent to electronic voting, you may still request a ballot and accompanying documents in paper form.
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