Volunteer for CAMFT's 2018 Fall Symposium

Volunteer for CAMFT Annual Conference

Are you an MFT Associate who is responsible and wants to attend CAMFT's 2018 Fall Symposium but are low on funds?  Why not volunteer and work side-by-side with CAMFT staff as a room monitor or show runner.  Click here to apply, and for additional information, please contact Mary Beth Muro, Education Programs Assistant, at mmuro@camft.org or 858-429-7509.  You will be required to complete the credit card information on the form in order to submit a $100 deposit with your application.  If you are accepted as a volunteer, your card will be charged. The deposit will be refunded after successful completion of your volunteer services.  If you are a no show or if you cancel after being accepted, this puts CAMFT in a difficult position to try to fill your spot with such short notice, therefore a refund will not be given.