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1 800 Help My Patient

A 2011 Recap of the 1996 Telemedicine Development Act

A Call for Comment

A Call for Comment Members of CAMFT are invited to Comment on the Proposed Revisions to Part II

A Mandated Reporter Equals a Mandatory Report

A Tale of Two Supervisees

Absolute Immunity for Child Custody Evaluators

Advertising Guidelines for Therapist

Advancing the Interests of the Profession in California

An Overview of the Revised CAMFT Ethical Standards

Are Nonprofits Commercial Enterprises

Are You a Covered Entity

Authorization to Release Information

Avoid Legal and Ethical Problems

Avoiding the Good Mom Bad Dad Trap

Basic Training in Medi-Cal Documentation

BBS Pushes Forward with Gap Exam

Becoming a Substance Abuse Professional

Blue Levis and White Tee Shirts When Treating Minors 12 Years of Age or Older

Building a Priate Practice Part III

Building a Private Practice Part I

Building a Private Practice Part II

Building a Private Practice Part IV