Ripple Safety



Ripple Safety - Wearable Personal Safety Device

Meet Our Newest Affinity Partner, Ripple Safety!

When sessions become uncomfortable or dangerous, Ripple Safety is there to help.

Click ONCE to talk Live with the Ripple Safety team who has your profile, instructions, and location at their fingertips.

Click THREE TIMES and Ripple will dispatch emergency services to your location and relay the critical physical and medical information in your profile to first responders.

  • The Ripple button is lightweight and small, so you can clip it or wear it wherever you like.
  • All alerts carry your phone's GPS location with them, so your Ripple Team will know exactly where to send help.
  • Ripple's battery life lasts up to 6 months, and monthly subscribers get a new device for free when the battery is low.

CAMFT members - SAVE almost 25% off of a Ripple Safety Annual Subscription through CAMFT's Affinity Partnership with Ripple Safety! Instead of the regular price of $129.99, CAMFT members pay only $99 for a Ripple Safety device plus one full year of monitoring. Plus, you'll only pay $109.00 for a second year of monitoring!

To order, click here and enter discount code "CAMFT"

For more information, check out the Ripple Safety website

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