Guidelines for establishing a chapter


Date: March 19, 2016  
Accepted: March 19, 2016

Any ten (10) or more members of CAMFT (i.e. Clinical or Pre-Licensed members) may propose the formation of a Chapter. Proposals for a new Chapter shall be in writing, signed by the members making the proposal, and submitted to CAMFT’s Executive Director. The application for charter shall include: a) designation of geographic areas including zip codes encompassed by chapter; b) proposed chapter bylaws and a statement that the proposed chapter bylaws do not conflict with the CAMFT bylaws; c) names of ten (10) or more CAMFT members who will become the charter members of the chapter; d) names of the proposed Chapter members who will be named as the initial board members and officers of the chapter; e) resolution from the chapter board agreeing to abide by the CAMFT Bylaws, CAMFT Code of Ethics and the Chapter Agreement; f) a dues schedule for the proposed chapter; and g) a statement that the chapter will limit voting chapter membership to members of CAMFT.

If the application for a Chapter charter is complete, the Executive Director shall submit it to the Board for consideration at its next regular meeting, or as soon thereafter as reasonably possible. The Chapter will become effective upon approval by a 2/3 vote of the Board. The Board may deny a chapter application if the Board determines that the chapter is redundant or will unreasonably infringe on an existing chapter.