Underwrite a Scholarship

Underwrite a Scholarship

Underwrite a Scholarship

CAMFT Educational Foundation Scholarship Underwriting
Educational Foundation Scholarship Underwriting $4,000 Each

What better way to show CAMFT members that you support and promote education than by putting YOUR Company’s name on a scholarship offered through CAMFT’s Educational Foundation.
CAMFT will offer Underwriters the following branding opportunities attached to their scholarship for a full year:

  1. Name/logo/link on Educational Foundation page on CAMFT website
  2. Name/logo/link on promotional banner on CAMFT website homepage
  3. Name/logo on online scholarship application
  4. Name/logo on printed scholarship application
  5. Name/logo in pre-licensed and general newsletters
  6. Name/logo in The Therapist articles and advertisements promoting the scholarships/grants
  7. Verbal and visual recognition at the Scholarship Awards presentation during the CAMFT Annual Member Meeting, held in conjunction with CAMFT Annual Conference
  8. Verbal and visual recognition at the Educators luncheon, held in conjunction with the CAMFT Annual Conference
  9. Name/logo/link on promotional email blasts to CAMFT members, Directors of MFT programs, and Regional Consortium members
  10. Facebook Promotional Mention Advertising the Underwriting

CAMFT will promote your company in return for underwriting utilizing the above branding opportunities. To take full advantage of the branding CAMFT is offering, your scholarship must be underwritten and approved by the CAMFT Educational Foundation. 

CAMFT’s Education Foundation is Seeking 2019 Scholarship Underwriters for the following Scholarship:

Educational Foundation Scholarship 
Applicant/Recipients must be participating in advanced training or an unpaid internship within the field of marriage and family therapy.

Underwriting of CAMFT Scholarships Policy
The CAMFT Educational Foundation Board of Directors has undertaken to set out a policy on the acceptance and refusal of donations so as to be transparent with the public. The Board of Directors of the Foundation takes responsibility for decisions relating to whether a donation is accepted or refused.

The key areas of the Foundation’s activities are to provide scholarships and grants to support education, research, and program development to enhance the mental health profession.

The Foundation recognizes the potential conflict between receiving donations from certain types of corporations/industries /individuals and fulfilling our programs. Therefore, the following policy is in place to guide our corporate fundraising practices:

The Foundation will not accept contributions from corporations/industries/individuals and their respective corporate Foundations whose core activities may be in direct conflict with the mission of the organization or who in any way limit our ability to provide our services. Furthermore, the Foundation will not accept underwriting contributions form corporation/industries/individuals where such an affiliation could cause reputational harm to the Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse any gift it believes is not in the best interest of the organization.

The Foundation will accept gifts from donors who wish to remain anonymous. However, the Board of Directors must be made aware of the origin of the gift, including the donor and the amount.

Any materials that include the CAMFT Educational Foundation name or logo must be pre-approved by the Foundation prior to distribution.

For more information, please contact Ron Hynum at (858) 292-2638 or rhynum@camft.org.