Board Meeting Attendance

Meeting Attendance

Observing the Meeting
Members may now observe a CAMFT Board of Directors meeting. If you would like to observe, please inform Shoshoni Thoulouis no later than 12:00pm the Wednesday before the Board Meeting.

Presenting A Topic During Member Open Forum
Members may still present a topic to the Board during the Member Open Forum at the meeting. If you are interested in speaking before the Board, please see the details below:

  • Presenters should inform Shoshoni Thoulouis at CAMFT of their intent to present a topic at a Board meeting as far in advance as possible, but no later than 12:00pm the Wednesday before the Board Meeting.
  • The Member Open Forum is limited to 30 minutes total, with each member receiving up to three (3) minutes to present their topic or issue. If there are numerous members that wish to present, the ability to present will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • After presenting your three-minute topic, the Board will have the opportunity to request that your topic/issue be included on the next or any subsequent Board meeting agenda for further discussion.

Please note: To permit Board Members to engage in a thorough and open discussion, individuals participating in Open Forum shall not transmit or record information by any electronic means during the CAMFT Board Meeting Open Forum. In accordance with the CAMFT Policy on Anti-Trust Compliance, comments which border on areas of anti-trust sensitivity will be not be permitted.