PAC Opt-Out FAQs

PAC Opt-Out FAQs


Please Donate to the CAMFT PAC!

What is the CAMFT-PAC?
The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) is an independent, state professional organization of approximately 36,000 members representing the interests of licensed marriage and family therapists. CAMFT was established in 1964 and our activities have revolved around two interrelated themes:

  • The advancement of marriage and family therapy as an art, a science, and a mental health profession, and
  • The advancement of the common business interest of its members

CAMFT’s political action committee’s objective is to establish political participation through voluntary donations from CAMFT members and, in the case of its state account, the public. The PACs functions are to raise financial resources to contribute to the political campaigns of candidates who exhibit an understanding and commitment to further the professions of MFTs. It is critical to the success of our members that we have elected officials in office whose values and beliefs are aligned with our association’s goals and those of all MFTs.

What is the CAMFT PAC opt-out?
A PAC opt-out allows CAMFT members to choose not to contribute to our Political Action Committee (PAC) when renewing their dues.

Why is there an Opt-Out for the PAC?
CAMFT’s PAC has both federal and nonfederal (state) accounts. It is common practice for associations in California to utilize an “opt out” feature for the state PAC donations of their members. There is no obligation to donate, and members can opt out, or even increase their donation if they choose.

How much is automatically contributed to the PAC?
When it is time for a member to renew their dues, there will be an automatic $4.00 charge to your annual membership.

How do I opt-out of this PAC contribution?
Opting out of the PAC contribution is made easy! Please indicate your preference when renewing your dues by declining the $4.00 contribution before submitting payment for your annual membership. CAMFT wants our members to have authority over where their finances are distributed and where their financial contributions are allocated.

Will opting out affect my membership in any way?
Of course not! We appreciate any donations that can be made to our PAC but value all our members equally. You will remain an appreciated member of CAMFT and will still have access to all our association’s benefits.

If I opt-out today, will I still be granted access to donate in the future?
Of course! During your next renewal cycle the $4.00 contribution will be automatically applied unless you choose to opt-out again. If you would like to donate before your next renewal date the link to donate at any time this accessible on our website: Donate to PAC (

Will my choice to opt- out of donating remain private?
Yes, CAMFT respects the privacy of our members. We do acknowledge and show appreciation to our PAC donors throughout year but we do not name those who choose not to donate.