Participate on a Committee

Volunteer with CAMFT

Over the recent months, CAMFT has seen an emerging desire by members to have a say in the governance and future of CAMFT. Becoming a volunteer is the best way to get your opinions heard, learn more about the current CAMFT and future CAMFT, connect with fellow CAMFT members, develop your leadership skills, and become an integral part of the CAMFT community—all while making a difference in CAMFT. No matter what your talent, interest, or availability, there's an opportunity that is right for you! 

One great way to get involved is to apply to join a CAMFT committee! Check out the committees below, and then check out the instructions at the bottom of the page to apply. Deadline for Committee applications is April 15, 2024.

OK I'M IN! How do I apply for a committee?

To apply for a CAMFT Committee, submit a resume and a letter of interest that tells why you would be a great committee member to Shoshoni Thoulouis at by April 15, 2023.