External Affairs Committee


The External Affairs Committee (“Committee”) exists to ensure sustainable and long-term growth of CAMFT market share; to establish the Marriage and Family Therapist designation as the recognized and preferred choice for mental health consumers; and to foster key relationships with institutions and media outlets through the oversight of all aspects of Marketing, Branding, Positioning, Public Relations, and Media for CAMFT.

The Committee will achieve its purpose through defining the scope of each of the above areas of responsibility; recommending goals and objectives to the Board within each area; recommending timeframes and success metrics for each goal/objective to the Board; overseeing the achievement of these goals and objectives within the approved timeframes; and working with the CAMFT Board to propose and allocate funding.

The Committee intends to achieve its purpose primarily through executing the above actions and working in close collaboration with CAMFT Staff.

The Committee will consist of up to seven (7) members including the sitting President, at least three board members, and one additional external member. The Committee will select its Chairperson and Secretary from amongst the named board members for a one-year term. Diversity in committee member composition and across multiple clinical disciplines is desired. It is preferred that committee members have had previous experience in public relations, media, entertainment or related fields.

A staff liaison shall also be assigned to attend as an ex-officio member.

The committee will meet monthly or as often as necessary in order to fulfill the responsibilities described herein. The Committee is encouraged to use tele/video-conference for meetings.

Committee members are appointed and serve with the approval of the Board. Committee members will serve for a two year term, with terms staggered. Terms for the initial Committee members may be staggered as determined by the Board to help ensure continuity of knowledge on the Committee. Committee members may be removed by the Board at any time.


  • Provide oversight of all CAMFT marketing and public relations efforts, including:
    • The development of vision, objectives, and budgets
    • The identification and prioritization of key target markets (consumers, educational institutions, public officials, affiliates, media outlets, non-members, etc.)
    • The review of CAMFT branding and positioning guidelines to ensure all communications align with the brand’s “look and feel” and its mission and values
      • This includes the CAMFT website, magazine, communication with members and potential members, and all public-facing communications
    • Development of metrics to determine impact and success of all strategies and efforts
  • Provide oversight of all information gathering used to help guide/inform marketing objectives and strategies, including:
    • The solicitation of CAMFT member needs/wants
    • The collection and review of local chapter needs (as they pertain to increasing awareness of MFTs as the mental health experts in their community)
  • Ensure identification and training of appropriate CAMFT members as Brand/Media Ambassadors
    • Committee will determine appropriate rotation timing of those serving as Brand/Media Ambassadors, as needed
  • On a quarterly basis, update the CAMFT board with Committee plans, findings, progress, and outcomes, and solicit approval

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