Certified Supervisor Program

Certified Supervisor Program

Going Above and Beyond!

CAMFT's Certified Supervisor Program

List of CAMFT Certified Supervisors

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  1. Get the Materials – Download and Review the Certified Supervisor Program Candidate Handbook and Submit an Initial Application for Supervisor Certification
  2. Supervision Consultation – Complete 12 hours of consultation with an individual who serves as your mentor/consultant. Click here for a list of CAMFT Certified Supervisors who qualify as a consultant. At the conclusion of the consultation process, provide a monthly consultation log. Monthly Consultation Log
  3. Supervision Experience – Conduct 52 weeks of supervision. At the conclusion of the supervision process, provide a weekly supervision log. Weekly Supervision Log
  4. Coursework – Take Comprehensive Supervision I, II & III. The coursework must total at least 18 hours. The Supervision Workshop Series is available online at CAMFT's On-Demand Learning Library. (Non-Members will need to create a login and password):
  1. Written Case Summary – Write a 3-5 page paper discussing various aspects of the supervision process. An outline listing the exact topics to be addressed can be found in the Certified Supervisor Program Candidate Handbook.
  2. Consultation Summary – Write a one page paper discussing what you gained by having a mentor/consultant and how that individual helped you develop your skills as a supervisor.
  3. Final Step – Submit a Verification of Completion to be reviewed by the CSP Committee.
  • Initial application - $25 members/$50 for non-members
  • Verification of Completed Form - $75 member/$125 non-member
  • Renewal - $75 member/$125 non-member

For questions or comments regarding the Certified Supervisor Program, contact Rene Puterbaugh at rputerbaugh@camft.org.

Erica Ives, MA LMFT"My eight years as a CAMFT Certified Supervisor have most definitely enhanced my career. We are helping to shape the future generations of therapists and truly make a difference above and beyond the clients and families we work with. My work as a supervisor has been a critical stepping stone in my life to get to where I am now."

Erica Ives, MA, LMFT,

Moby R. Coquillard, MA, LMFT"The CAMFT Certified Supervisor Program helps to ensure that some focused attention is being paid to the kind and quality of supervision provided to interns and trainees. Nowhere else have I had such a powerful opportunity to pay attention to just the supervision process."

Moby R. Coquillard, MA, LMFT,

Catherine Auman, MA, LMFT"I know for a fact that one of the reasons I was chosen over other candidates and hired as paid adjunct faculty and clinical supervisor at a local graduate school was because of my CAMFT Certified Supervisor status."

Catherine Auman, MA, LMFT,


Michael L. Elterman, MA, LMFT"The CAMFT Certified Supervisor Program raises the bar and benefits the entire profession. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about providing the best “hand-up” to interns."

Michael L. Elterman, MA, LMFT,