Certified Supervisor Program

Certified Supervisor Program

Going Above and Beyond!

CAMFT's Certified Supervisor Program

List of CAMFT Certified Supervisors

The CAMFT Certified Supervisor Program (CSP) goes above and beyond the BBS Requirements for Supervision, (Legal Citations). This voluntary program is multifaceted and includes coursework, supervision, supervision consultation, and a consultation summary. 

Because the skills needed to be an effective supervisor are different than the skills needed to be an effective clinician, the CAMFT CSP prepares you to be an effective supervisor. As a CAMFT Certified Supervisor, you have the opportunity to be recognized by potential supervisees and employers for your advanced training, and as a CAMFT member, you receive a discount when completing the program!

To be eligible to participate in the CAMFT Certified Supervisor Program, the applicant shall:

  1. Have been licensed in California for at least two of the past five years immediately prior to commencing supervision;
  2. Have practiced psychotherapy in two of the last five years prior to commencing supervision;
  3. Meet all requirements contained in the BBS Supervision Agreement;
  4. Meet the CAMFT Certified Supervisor Program requirements in not less than one year or more than a two-year period following the date of submission of the Initial Application.


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  1. Get the Materials – Download and review the Certified Supervisor Program (CSP) Handbook;
  2. Coursework – Complete the 18 hours of CAMFT-sponsored Coursework before submitting your Initial Application.  You can take the CAMFT Comprehensive Supervision Coursework (18 hours) for a discounted rate of $269 (Members)/$319 (Nonmembers), and available online at CAMFT's On-Demand Learning Library: Supervision Workshop Series (Non-Members will need to create a login and password). NOTE: You must watch the videos in the order they are listed and before you begin Supervision Experience and/or Supervision Consultation;
  3. Initial Application – Once you have completed the 18 hours of CAMFT-sponsored coursework, you can submit your initial Application and begin your supervision and consultation hours.
  4. Supervision Experience – Complete 104 hours of Supervision Experience in no less than 52 weeks A log of the supervision hours is to be reviewed and approved by the Consultant and submitted to CAMFT to verify completion.  104 hours can be achieved in no less than 52 weeks by meeting with one supervisee two hours a week or meeting with two or more supervisees one hour each a week.  Supervision must coincide during the time in which Consultation is provided;
  5. Supervision Consultation – at least 12 hours (or 24 hours if a group) with no less than one hour per month of individual consultation, or two hours per month of group consultation. Consultation must be gained during the months in which supervision is provided.  A log of the consultation hours is to be reviewed and approved by the Consultant and submitted to CAMFT to verify completion.  It is strongly encouraged that the Consultant be a CAMFT Certified Supervisor or an AAMFT Approved Supervisor for at least 2 years.  If the candidate does not choose a CAMFT Certified Supervisor or an AAMFT Approved Supervisor with at least 2 years of experience, they will be required to submit additional information and have their Consultant approved by the Committee;
  6. Consultation Summary – Submit a written one-page summary focusing on what you learned from your Consultant about becoming an ethical, competent supervisor to therapists-in-training who is learning to become competent mental health professionals.
    For a SAMPLE Consultation Summary CLICK HERE;
  7. Submit a written Case Summary – Write a three to five page summary in which you describe your supervision experience with your supervisees. This summary is to demonstrate the supervisor’s ability to monitor, assist, and enhance the supervisees’ clinical work, and to promote the conceptual, intuitive, and personal skills necessary for the supervisees’ professional development.  The case summary should also demonstrate how supervision content and methods are consistent with your personal theory of therapy and your philosophy of supervision.  It should emphasize what you learned about the application of your supervision techniques rather than what the supervisees learned.  The case summary should give the Committee an idea of how you actually implemented your training/knowledge during supervision, and how it helped the supervisees.  Please use the APA format.  Your Consultant will be required to review and approve your Case Summary.  For more details, see page 4 of the Certified Supervisor Program (CSP) Handbook

For a Case Summary Cheat Sheet to assist you in writing this paper CLICK HERE.

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  1. Final Step - Submit a Verification of Completion with all documentation to be reviewed by the CSP Committee.

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  1. Questions Contact csp@camft.org


  • Initial Application - $40 CAMFT members/$75 non-members
  • Verification of Completion Application - $115 CAMFT members/$190 non-members
  • Certified Supervisor Renewal Application - $50 CAMFT members/$75 non-members
  • AAMFT Approved Supervisor Application - $115 CAMFT members/$190 non-members


The certification is valid for a period of two years, at which time the certification must be renewed. To renew the certification, the following will be required to be completed prior to the expiration of the certification:

  1. Completion of six (6) hours of workshops on supervision through any BBS approved provider; and
  2. A copy of your current BBS license

We would highly recommend you watch the two Legal and Ethical presentations that give you a great overview of the new requirements:

Renewal Fee:

$50 members/$75 non-members

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Therapists who are active AAMFT Approved Supervisors are eligible to become CAMFT Certified Supervisors upon completion of an equivalency application, coursework and payment of proper program fees. Applicants will be required to show that they:

  1. Have been licensed in California for at least two of the past five years immediately prior to applying.
  2. Have practiced psychotherapy in two of the last five years prior to applying.
  3. Meet all requirements contained in the BBS Supervision Agreement. Click here to obtain the form.
  4. Completion of the CAMFT Supervision Legal and Ethical courses:
  1. Copy of AAMFT Approval Certificate showing that you have been an approved supervisor for at least two years prior to applying (current and previous if needed).
  2. Current Resume/CV.

AAMFT Approved Supervisor Application - $115 CAMFT members/$190 non-members.

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For questions or comments regarding the Certified Supervisor Program, contact Tim McMullen at contact tmcmullen@camft.org.


Erica Ives, MA LMFT"My eight years as a CAMFT Certified Supervisor have most definitely enhanced my career. We are helping to shape the future generations of therapists and truly make a difference above and beyond the clients and families we work with. My work as a supervisor has been a critical stepping stone in my life to get to where I am now."

Erica Ives, MA, LMFT

Moby R. Coquillard, MA, LMFT"The CAMFT Certified Supervisor Program helps to ensure that some focused attention is being paid to the kind and quality of supervision provided to interns and trainees. Nowhere else have I had such a powerful opportunity to pay attention to just the supervision process."

Moby R. Coquillard, MA, LMFT

Catherine Auman, MA, LMFT"I know for a fact that one of the reasons I was chosen over other candidates and hired as paid adjunct faculty and clinical supervisor at a local graduate school was because of my CAMFT Certified Supervisor status."

Catherine Auman, MA, LMFT


Michael L. Elterman, MA, LMFT"The CAMFT Certified Supervisor Program raises the bar and benefits the entire profession. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about providing the best “hand-up” to interns."

Michael L. Elterman, MA, LMFT