Strategic Plan Goal #2

Membership & MarketingSTRATEGIC GOAL #2
Increase CAMFT’s brand and membership value by (1) promoting members as the publicly recognized and preferred mental health provider and (2) expanding CAMFT’s position as the essential resource for members.  

Key Metric: Hire an advertising agency to identify the public's awareness of MFTs and launch an advertising campaign to measurably improve the awareness of MFTs among a defined public population.  Separately, deploy a new compelling member product or service.

MFTs represent the largest number of psychotherapists in the state, yet many clients, policymakers, and those who seek mental health services are unaware of the value of obtaining mental health care from an MFT.  This goal begins to address the disconnect between awareness of MFTs and the services provided by MFTs that go far beyond couples and family mental health care. 

Additionally, the changing landscape of the MFT profession offers an opportunity for CAMFT to create a product or service that supports the modern MFT. Deploying a new, compelling service or benefit will help elevate MFTs and support CAMFT’s growth and viability.


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