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How to Become a Fee For Service Medi Cal Provider

This article discusses actions CAMFT has taken, and will continue to take, to address members’ managed care concerns.

Details on the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act in California 

This article discusses the efforts that California and mental health care stakeholders are making to fortify the public mental health care workforce through the creation of new occupational groups with a focus on the development of a peer support personal workplace.

Covered California Corner, formerly known as the California Health Benefits Exchange

CAMFT receives frequent calls from members who are experiencing, or who have experienced, difficulty obtaining information and authorizations for outpatient
treatment of patients from health care plans. Learn about the survey and what CAMFT is doing to address these types of issues.

This article discusses fundamental elements of the federal and state antitrust laws you should know to protect against potential antitrust violations.

This bipartisan legislation will help put an end to discrimination against patients seeking treatment for mental illness and addiction. It will amend Section 712 of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, Section 2705 of the Public Health Service Act, and Section 9812 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.