Insurance Corner

Additional Changes to the ICD-10, Effective, October 1, 2017

Please be aware that, effective October 1, 2017, there are a number of new ICD-10-CM codes for DSM-5 Diagnoses.  The changes are almost entirely in the area of Substance Use Disorders: New diagnostic codes are applicable to mild, moderate, or severe Substance Use Disorders that are in early or sustained remission. There is also a new diagnostic code for Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder.  The changes are available on the CAMFT website, in the “Insurance Corner,” under Billing and Insurance.   Information about the changes is also available on the American Psychiatric Association website at 

The ICD-10-CM is issued by the World Health Organization.  It contains all of the diagnostic codes, for all health conditions, including those which apply to mental health diagnoses. The ICD-10-CM is typically updated once per year, and new codes become effective on October 1.  The DSM-5 is the current version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is issued by the American Psychiatric Association.  The DSM-5 contains references to the applicable ICD-10-CM codes, but clinicians should be aware of the fact that changes to ICD-10-CM may not be included in their version of the DSM-5.