Record Keeping Index of Articles

 Therapists as Diplomatic Gatekeepers (11/14/2017) 
   This article discusses the topic of responding to requests for confidential information regarding patients in relation to ???risk-adjustment audits??? by insurance carriers. Insurance companies who provide coverage to individuals under the Affo
 Gone But Not Forgotten (5/1/2017) 
   This article discusses how to respond to a request for a deceased patients records. It will address some of the important terminology associated with these types of records requests and also look at how HIPAA and California law will affect the reques
 Patient Records Under California Law The Basics (5/1/2015) 
   This article explains California law and relevant CAMFT ethical standards which pertain to record keeping. More specifically, the article discusses California's new record retention law and answers questions about an adult patient rights.
 What About Record Keeping (6/1/2009) 
   What About Record Keeping? As a result of change to the unprofessional conduct section of the licensing law, many members are asking what patient records are appropriate and/or necessary for therapists to maintain.
 Tips on Supervision Supervisor Record Keeping (7/1/2007) 
   Tips on Supervision: Supervisor Recordkeeping