Alli Spotts-De Lazzer - 2024 Annual Conference Speaker

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  • CAMFT's 2024 Annual Conference
    May 3 - 4, 2024 at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott


Alli Spotts-DeLazzer
Alli Spotts-De Lazzer, LMFT, LPCC, CEDS-S

Alli is an LMFT (#49842), LPCC (#844), and Certified Eating Disorders Specialist with a private practice in Studio City, California. She's the author of the book, MeaningFULL: 23 Life-Changing Stories of Conquering Dieting, Weight, & Body Image Issues, and a Psychology Today column also titled "MeaningFULL.” Alli has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and trade magazines; presented workshops at international conferences, graduate schools, and hospitals; created content for a social media literacy program; designed national Certified Eating Disorders specialist curriculum; co-chaired committees for AED and iaedp; and created #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance! a movement embodying its message and providing mental health education.

What's Treatment-Interfering about "Normal" Social Media and Health Practices? Therapeutic Considerations for a Modern World
Saturday | May 4, 2024
1:45 pm - 3:15 pm
(1.5 CEs)

Workshop Description:

Therapists typically create and employ treatment plans they believe will be efficacious. Yet seemingly "normal” practices such as using social media and pursuing health through diet can interfere with, undermine, or even derail their clients’/patients' healing progress. However, therapists are rarely taught to assess for or identify the potential impact of either. This evidence-informed workshop empowers clinicians to address these potential treatment obstacles. Also, important to the field’s expanding focus on inclusive treatment, this presentation includes an opportunity to explore clinician biases regarding size/body diversity, which can further impact treatment efficacy.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe “problematic” social media use.
  • List three symptoms that can look like mental health diagnostic criteria but may come directly from nutrition-related practices.
  • Name two ways providers can assess for or identify potentially treatment interfering aspects of social media use.
  • Identify two aspects of social media literacy.

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