Mastering Mandated Child Abuse Reporting

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Mastering Mandated Child Abuse Reporting: How to Carry Out Your Reporting Duties While Avoiding Common Myths and Misconceptions

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 
Presenter:  Bradley J. Muldrow, Esq.
CAMFT Staff Attorney
9 am – 12 pm 
CE 3 Fee: ​Chapter Member $60 | CAMFT Member $65 | Non-Member $85

Workshop Description:

Athough mandated child abuse reporting is one of the most common legal issues therapists encounter in practice, it can be one of the trickiest to navigate. This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the mandated reporting procedures outlined in California’s Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA), including the different types of reportable child abuse, the types of California agencies that receive mandated child abuse reports, and how much time mandated reporters have to make these reports.

The workshop will also address some of the most complex reporting issues therapists face, including: distinguishing between lawful vs. unlawful corporal punishment, when / whether to report consensual sexual activity with and between minors, and how CANRA’s mandated reporting rules apply to sexting between minors.

Educational Goals:

  • Participants will become familiar with the categories of reportable child abuse, under CANRA.
  • Participants will understand the procedures for making mandated child abuse reports, under CANRA.
  • Participants will further understand how much time California mandated reporters have to complete and submit mandated child abuse reports.

Measurable Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the five categories of child abuse California mandated reporters are required to report.
  • Identify the three types of California agencies that are authorized to receive mandated child abuse reports.
  • Distinguish the amount of time California mandated reporters have to make initial phone reports of child abuse vs. written follow-up reports of child abuse.
  • State which form of child abuse is optional (as opposed to mandated) for mandated reporters to report, under CANRA.

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Bradley J. Muldrow, Esq

As a CAMFT staff attorney, Bradley J. Muldrow, Esq. takes member phone calls regarding law and ethics issues and contributes articles on those subjects to CAMFT's publication, the Therapist. Prior to joining CAMFT’s legal team, Brad worked on litigation and regulatory matters as an attorney for San Diego Gas & Electric Company.  

Since becoming an attorney, Brad has given law and ethics presentations to attorneys and judges as a member of the J. Clifford Wallace Inn of Court. He has also served as a board member for the Earl B. Gilliam Bar Foundation, a San Diego-based nonprofit.