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  • CAMFT fall symposium
    September 9, 2022 at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Sonoma Wine Country


Kristin Rscoe, JD, CAMFT Staff AttorneyKristin W. Roscoe, Esq

Kristin W. Roscoe, Esq., CAMFT Staff Attorney, takes CAMFT member phone calls regarding law and ethics issues and contributes articles on those subjects to the Therapist. Before joining CAMFT’s legal team, Kristin represented healthcare professionals in medical malpractice litigation at La Follette, Johnson, DeHaas, Fesler & Ames. Since entering the legal profession, Kristin has worked in various capacities presenting to and advocating on behalf of her clients both in and outside of the courtroom. Kristin received her B.A. from The College of Wooster in 2006 and graduated from The American University Washington College of Law with her J.D. in 2012.

Please Raise Your Right Hand: Testifying Under Oath
(2 CE hours)


This presentation is intended to provide an understanding of what a subpoena requiring testimony includes as well as the legal and ethical considerations therapists should keep in mind when testifying. During this two hour course, Kristin Roscoe will guide attendees on what to expect if subpoenaed to attend a deposition or hearing/trial and provide attendees time to apply their newly acquired skills in an interactive exercise.


Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to analyze a subpoena to determine who issued the subpoena, what type of testimony is requested, and the appropriate next steps in responding to a subpoena seeking testimony. Participants will be able to identify the holder of the psychotherapist-patient privilege, when it is appropriate for a therapist to assert the psychotherapist-patient privilege on behalf of a patient, and when such an objection is not appropriate.

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