Strategic Plan Goal#1

Increase CAMFT's advocacy efforts to increase the pipeline of potential MFTs and expand opportunities for MFTs.

Key Metrics: Launch a member educational campaign on license portability. Complete an outside audit of Medicare advocacy plan for deployable insights in advocacy efforts. Increase the number of CAMFT’s State PAC member contributors by 65%.* 

* Compared to the number of CAMFT’ s State PAC member contributors in 2021.

This goal seeks to ensure legislators, regulatory agencies, and policy decision makers are better informed about the importance of MFTs, licensure parity, and the role of MFTs to improve better mental health outcomes for our communities.  This goal provides greater focus towards federal acceptance by Medicare by allocating more resources towards enhancing our Medicare advocacy plan while working in coalition to leverage power in numbers.  MFT acceptance in Medicare will help provide greater access to mental health care providers, allowing decisive action to address the increased need for mental health therapists.

This goal will also address the increased usage of telehealth and the corresponding increase in membership demand for license portability.  CAMFT will launch an educational campaign which will include disseminating information on the research done thus far and potential opportunities for members keenly interested in this issue. 

To directly increase the pipeline and diversity of MFTs, CAMFT will identify barriers for pre-licensed members to obtain licensure and review the market attractiveness of the MFT license.  CAMFT will study the growth rate of MFTs, identify member demographics, explore pathways for a national MFT exam, and develop strategies to address challenges and opportunities.

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