Your License Could be in Jeopardy

Pre-Licensees' Corner

Pre-Licensees' Hours could be in Jeopardy!

Current law allows MFT applicants to count post-degree, pre-registration hours, assuming that graduates apply for registration within 90 days of degree conferral. These hours could be in jeopardy!

In 2017, the BBS sponsored legislation (AB93), intending to revise and recast the LMFT supervised experience requirements. CAMFT participated in all stakeholder meetings regarding the proposed changes, and took a position of support on this legislation. Unfortunately, in recent months the Senate Business and Professions Committee has attempted to utilize AB 93 as a vehicle to remove the 90-day rule. The Senate Business and Professions Committee raised a public protection concern which is that the 90-day rule allows unregistered individuals to provide mental health services without a fingerprint clearance.

In response to the Senate Business and Professions Committee’s concerns, the BBS Policy & Advocacy Committee, in October, 2017, voted to recommend to the BBS Board of Directors the removal of the 90-day rule.

CAMFT is very concerned about this vote and recommendation, believing it will not only lead to further exploitation of pre-licensees but will also harm continuity of care and lead to possible patient abandonment. CAMFT will continue to work with the BBS to find a viable alternative to the removal of the 90-day rule in the hopes that the BBS Board rejects the Committee’s recommendation.

CAMFT will keep members apprised of this situation, and send out an alert if any action is required by members. 

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