Scholarship Honors Recipients



Scholarships and Grant Winners Announced

CAMFT is Proud to announce this Year’s Educational Foundation Scholarships and Grant Winners:

  • Educational Foundation Grant Winner: Michelle Tharp-Grozinger
    • Educational Foundation Scholarship Winner:  Angela Haick 
  • Educational Foundation Scholarship Honorable Mention:  Jennifer Hernandez 
  • Clinton E. Phillips Scholarship Winner:  Chanel Taghdis
    • Clinton E. Phillips Scholarship Honorable Mention:  Lynne Bradshaw
  • Ronald D. Lunceford Scholarship Winner:  Maria Lorena Sanchez
    • Ronald D. Lunceford Scholarship Honorable Mention:  Measaly Neway

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Outstanding Agency Award Winner Announced

CAMFT is Proud to announce this Year’s Outstanding Agency Award Winner: Momentum for Health! 

Momentum for Health has maintained a constant presence in the San Jose Community for five decades and is widely recognized and accepted as a worthy treatment and recovery center. They pride themselves on their thorough training for their employees and staff, including a 9-month training curriculum for Associates. While the pandemic created massive societal upheaval, Momentum continued providing sorely needed services to its clients while putting in place safety protocols. They provide a wide variety of treatment options available under the Momentum umbrella, underscoring the importance the agency puts on inspiring their clients to rediscover hope and the opportunity to live meaningful lives.

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