May 2024 CAMFT E-News

FTC Bans Noncompete Agreements Nationwide

The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") recently voted to ban noncompete agreements at the federal level. California has generally banned post-employment noncompete agreements at the state level for many years. In fact, two new California laws that recently went into effect seek to: 1) further clarify the state's general policy against noncompete agreements in the post-employment context; and 2) punish employers who violate this general policy.

California employers should consult with employment attorneys to review their employment agreements to ensure compliance with applicable law.

Click here for more Information on the FTC's Decision to Ban Noncompetes at the Federal Level, and click here to learn about California's State Level Ban on Most Post-Employment Noncompetes.

Click here to read a January CAMFT newsletter article detailing more about the two new CA laws governing noncompetes.


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