September 2022 E-Newsletter



Dear Members,

Summer is ending on a high note for CAMFT! On August 29th, Governor Newsom signed AB 1758 (Aguilar-Curry, D). This legislation allows for remote supervision of pre-licensees regardless of work setting and codifies the definition of “face-to-face” supervision as in-person, via two-way, real-time videoconferencing, or some combination thereof. Effective immediately upon the Governor’s signature, this new law provides greater access to supervisors while also aligning supervisory practice with today’s technology. 

This bill brought to mind how much of an impact technology has on many facets of our lives, along with its potential for disruption. The familiar tales of how Uber upended the taxicab industry or Netflix cannibalized the movie rental business provide valuable lessons on the importance of forecasting trends to predict the future. Technology has changed the manner in which many therapists give care. The pandemic catapulted telehealth as a new norm and with it, a new avenue for MFTs to deliver their expertise. Many therapists and clients have shown a preference for this pivot to telehealth -- a recent Zocdoc survey found that over 85% of mental health appointments in May of 2022 were scheduled as telehealth sessions. This trend toward telehealth has changed the way students become licensed therapists and the way therapists interact with clients, all while removing transportation-related barriers to care.

This October, CAMFT will begin the process of updating our strategic plan with the goal to start implementation in 2023. We want to understand the megatrends to help anticipate your needs both today and in the future. We will look at potential disruptors, like technology, when navigating the future of the profession. One of the first steps to creating the plan is to solicit you, the member, for input. What are we doing right? What can we do better? How can we help you thrive? To help answer these important questions, CAMFT will launch a survey mid-September to gather member insights. This information will help guide CAMFT’s Board as they set measurable goals for the organization. Please look out for the survey to be sent via email in the coming weeks, and share your thoughts with us as we embark on this next chapter for CAMFT.

Finally, I wish to highlight that September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness month. According to NAMI, almost 19% of all high school students and 5% of all adults have seriously considered suicide in the past year. That number rises to 45% for our LGBTQ+ youth. These numbers are very alarming, but our members can make a difference. A couple of weeks ago a man shared with me how an MFT saved his life when he was in a very dark place as a youth. I could sense his immense gratitude for that therapist who forever altered the course of his existence. It reminded me how important it is to build awareness of MFTs and the meaningful care you provide, and it reminded me how important it is that CAMFT members have the tools, resources and support you need to be successful. It is not metrics you are measuring, but lives you are touching and in some instances, saving. Thank you for the work you do!

With care,
signature-Joy Alafia
Joy Alafia
Executive Director


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