EF Scholarship Committee

Educational Foundation Scholarship Committee

Updated June, 2016

To oversee the scholarship endowment program, develop criteria and procedures for the granting of scholarships, evaluate scholarship applications and select recipients.

The Scholarship Committee shall be comprised of a minimum of three (3) and up to eight (8) members, a majority of whom shall be clinical members of CAMFT. Diversity in committee composition is desired.

Committee members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the CAMFT Educational Foundation Board of Directors for a term of one (1) year. A member may serve as Chair for up to two (2) years, if re-appointed.

The Scholarship Committee does not hold formal meetings. The work of the Scholarship Committee is done via electronic transmission and, as necessary, through the CAMFT Community.


  • Evaluate all applications received for CAMFT scholarships. The evaluation process occurs between January and February.
  • Select the winners to recommend to the Board of Directors. The Board considers the Committee's recommendations at the spring quarter Board meeting (typically held in March).
  • Committee members are required to sign: Committee Member Participation Agreement, Conflict of Interest Policy, Anti-Trust Compliance Policy, and Consent to Electronic Transmission

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