Public Outreach Committee

Public Outreach Committee

Updated June, 2016

Purpose/Function of the Committee:
The purpose of the committee is to help create the public messaging of a marketing campaign around the benefits of mental health therapy to Californians and their families, and brainstorm new advertising vehicles and strategies to promote a better understanding and recognition of Licensed Marriage Family Therapists.

Composition of Committee:
The Public Outreach Committee shall be comprised up to six (6) members, including up to two (2) Board members. Diversity in committee composition is desired.

Committee members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the CAMFT Board of Directors for a term of one (1) year. A member may serve as Chair for up to two (2) years, if re-appointed.

The Public Outreach Committee will meet as needed. One (1) meeting may be in person. Other meetings will be held via tele/video conference and via electronic transmission.


  • Assist with messaging and content
  • Committee members are required to sign: Committee Member Participation Agreement, Conflict of Interest Policy, Anti-Trust Compliance Policy, and Consent to Electronic Transmission.

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