What can chapter membership provide you?

  • Regular support groups led by licensed members where issues specific to your stage of professional development can be explored, including licensing exam preparation, how to evaluate internships, how to deal with problems related to being a trainee or intern, and other relevant topics;
  • Networking opportunities to begin developing a network of colleagues;
  • A free mentor program for support and guidance from licensed clinicians in your area;
  • Training and professional development opportunities through monthly chapter meetings;
  • Leadership opportunities through a local chapter board of directors;
  • Continuing education (CE) opportunities with monthly events and workshops.
  • Access to job directories listing available practicum and internships in your area.
  • Much more!


Get connected with your local CAMFT Chapter today!

As a CAMFT member, you will be eligible to join one of our 26 local chapters. Sign up today and become part of a community that supports your personal and professional growth, whether you are beginning a traineeship, have just started your Master’s Degree program, have registered as a post-degree intern, or are a seasoned professional. Participation at the local level is a great way to network with colleagues and to stay in touch with what's happening in your local area.

Chapter Map


"I became a chapter member in 2017 with the intention to connect and network with other therapists, not knowing that I was gaining so much more than that. As a board member, and how having served as President & Past President, I can say that I gained a community, a family, and grew personally and professionally in ways I could not have imagined. Thank you SFV-CAMFT for giving me so much and allowing me to serve."

Past President, San Fernando Valley Chapter

Mishka Clavijo-Kimball

"The members of LA-CAMFT, and especially the Diversity Committee, continue to help me believe in myself as a new AMFT. I’ve taken away valuable leadership and clinical skills from this incredibly altruistic and intelligent team, however, nothing can ever replace the sense of community and authentic care I feel from the members I work with monthly."

Member, Los Angeles Chapter

Rachell Alger

“Being a chapter member and leader has changed the course of my clinical career. By fostering community and connection for my chapter, I've built lifelong friendships that have impacted my life personally and professionally. Being a leader is a profound privilege to cultivate the change I wish to see in my local clinical community. It's both a gift and a lesson to be a leader and something I would encourage other therapists to embark on if they are passionate about creating impact outside the therapy room.”

President, Santa Barbara Chapter

Claire Blakey, MA, LMFT, PMH-C

“When I moved to the Central Coast in 2017, I sought out community to better my professional and personal growth. Being a member and volunteer of CCC-CAMFT has provided this through thoughtful trainings and events, a strong network of clinicians to consult with and refer to, a space to cultivate and exercise my professional interests, and a place to develop deep meaningful friendships.”

Member, Central Coast Chapter

Gurpreet Sahan, LMFT