Chapter Listserv

Chapter Leader Listserv FAQ

The Chapter Leader Listerv is a private networking group that allows you to connect and communicate with other Chapter Leaders in a new, more personalized and more user-friendly way.
The purpose of the Chapter Leader Listerv is to provide chapter leaders the opportunity to ask questions and share advice and resources.

No event promotions, please. The Chapter Event Promotions Group was created for chapters to share event topics, speakers, and to cross-market their events to other chapters.

  • If you want to be added to that group, please click here
  • For those of you already in this group, you will receive a welcome email with the new email address

Groups currently available on the Listserv
There are currently 5 groups set up with their own Listserv email addresses.
If you need to be added to any of these groups, or if you feel the need for another group, contact

  • Chapter Leaders (ALL chapter leaders are included in this group)
  • DEI (Members are: any leader interested in joining the discussion on DEI - as it pertains to Chapters - and sharing resources)
  • Presidents, Finances, Pre-Licensees (Members are: Presidents, Financial officers, or Pre-licensee/3000 Club representatives)
  • Events (Members are: any leader involved with planning and marketing events/educational programs)
Who has access to the Chapter Leader Listerv and sub-groups?
  • Chapter leaders (Board members and committee chairs) are automatically added to the Chapter Leader Listerv after your chapter’s Board roster is sent to CAMFT at
  • Chapter administrative staff, please ensure that you are included in the board roster, so that you can be added to the group as well
  • Please refer to "Groups currently available on the Listserv" above for a list of who is eligible to be part of the sub-groups

What to do if you do not have access and believe you should have?
For the Chapter Leader Listserv - contact your Chapter Board President to ensure that CAMFT has received the most updated Board Roster
To be added to a sub-group, please contact

Why am I not receiving the emails?

  • Initially ALL the emails will be going into your Spam/Junk folder
  • Follow these steps to correct the issue:
    1. Go to you Spam/Junk folder
    2. Click on your welcome message – sent from
    3. Right click on the message and scroll to JUNK
    4. Click on the arrow next to JUNK and scroll to NOT JUNK
    5. Click on NOT JUNK
    6. Check BOTH boxes – this will ensure that ANY future email from this Listserv will be deposited in your Inbox instead of your JUNK/SPAM folder

      Not Junk

How do I start a NEW message to everyone in the group?
Select the e-mail from the group you want to send your message to, and add it to the "TO" box

Chapter Leaders -
Events -
Presidents -    
Finances -
Pre-Licensed -

How will I receive emails from the group?

How do I reply to a message?

  • All replies will default to EVERYONE
  • If you want to reply ONLY to the sender, ensure you REPLACE the address with the address of the sender

How do I control when and how I receive these emails?

  • Login to Topicbox here:
  • Go to Groups: Chapter Leader Listserv or any of the sub-groups you are a member of
  • Go to Delivery Options on the main group page on the right hand side
    • Click on Delivery options
      • When a message is sent to the group
        • We suggest you select “email to me” – this will ensure that you receive emails in real-time
        • If you choose to select “include in my daily summary” you might miss out on time sensitive emails/deadlines
      • When I send a message to the group
        • We suggest you select “email me a copy”, so that you have a record of what was sent out and at what time
        • You may select not to check this option

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