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CAMFT Chapter Playbook

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Chapter Leaders
Chapter Leaders
Chapter Leaders
Chapter Leaders

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We have created a resource for you as chapter leaders to assist you in managing your chapters. From how to start a chapter, to board member responsibilities, to financial obligations, and much more…Everything you need to know to make volunteering as a leader enjoyable and worthwhile.

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I. Establishing a New Chapter

Any ten (10) or more members of CAMFT (i.e. Clinical or Pre-Licensed members) may propose the formation of a chapter. What is Chapter Bylaws? How does a chapter obtain Nonprofit, Corporate, and Tax-exempt Status?  More Information

II. What CAMFT Offers Chapters

The CAMFT Executive Director and chapter staff liaison are available to chaters for consultation and presentations at no charge. In addition, chapters receive leadership training and marketing assistance, and have access to online education and other resources.  More Information

III. Chapter Responsibilities towards State CAMFT

This section covers the Chapter Affiliation Agreement, Policies Affecting Chapters and a checklist to assist you in fulfilling your Annual CAMFT Reporting Requirements. More Information

IV. Managing Your Chapter Board

All you need to know about Bylaws and Amendments, Board Management, Elections, Onboarding, Officer Responsibilities templates, and more. More Information

V. Financial Management

Chapter Financial Management, IRS Filings, Paid staff/independent contractors, Financial Terms, Financial Deadlines, and more   More Information

VI. Membership, Volunteer & Leader Recruitment

Are your chapters having a hard time recruiting and keeping members, chapter leaders, and volunteers? Do you have burned out volunteers on the board from year to year? What does onboarding volunteers look like?   More Information

VII. Events, Marketing, Sponsorships & Website/Social Media

How do you reach potential members? How do you reach out to Sponsors via Social Media? Also included is Marketing Strategies, Tips, and Best Practices.  More Information

VIII. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Now more than ever we need to integrate and communicate diversity, equity, and inclusion in all that we do, in such a way that we honor each other, preserve respect, and practice with intentionality. More Information

IX. Pre-Licensed/3000 Clubs

Familiarize yourself with what other chapters are offering their Pre-Licensed members, how to count workshop hours towards 3000 hours, and more. More Information

X. CEPA – CAMFT Continuing Education Provider Approval

Everything chapter CE representatives need to know about CE workshop credits, course education goals, measurable learning objectives, what is needed in the Course Syllabus, and how to apply for CE provider approval status. More Information

XI. Feedback

If you have edits or want to contribute content, click here to submit your edits or suggestions.