Services to Chapters

Services to Chapters

Promotional Services

Be sure to take advantage of the many opportunities CAMFT offers to publicize the important benefits your chapter offers.

Chapter membership and activities are promoted in each issue of The Therapist. If you would like your chapter highlighted in the upcoming issue of The Therapist, please submit a story that highlights an experience, benefit, breakthrough, prelicensee fair or club, award, or recognition celebrated by your chapter.

If you have an interest in participating, please submit no more than 250 words highlighting a project, activity, accomplishment, program, etc. that you would like to see noted in the magazine and that you think would be of interest to CAMFT members. Please feel free to also include a picture.

By the 1st of each month CAMFT sends an email blast to the entire membership of all chapter events taking place that month and also the next month, to urge those CAMFT members in each region who are not members of a chapter to attend and join.

If your chapter would like it’s events included in the e-blast: all event submissions are due to on the 14th of each month, and should include events taking place in the next two months. For example, by November 14 you would submit all your chapter events occurring in December and January, by December 14 you could submit events occurring in January and February, and so forth. Please ensure that each of your event submissions includes the following information:

  1. event name and description,
  2. speaker (if applicable),
  3. date, time,
  4. location,
  5. fees and CEs offered (if applicable),
  6. contact information.

All chapter members will receive a reminder email through the Chapter Leadership Group email listserv as the submission deadline approaches. Please designate ONE leader per chapter to submit chapter events each month.

CAMFT literature, such as the Code of Ethics, The Therapist magazine, brochures, and other promotional give-away materials are made available to chapters at no charge when utilized for a chapter function. To request CAMFT literature or other promotional items for your next chapter event, please send your request to

The local chapter(s) in or near the location of the Annual Conference are encouraged to be Chapter Hosts. As such, the chapter would receive a resource table adjacent to the Conference Registration Desk. The intent of the Chapter Host(s) is to greet Conference attendees and to have available pertinent local information, e.g., information about the chapter, the community, local restaurants, local entertainment, etc. The Chapter Host(s) are also encouraged to engage Conference attendees in conversation, offer refreshments or give-aways, and recruit chapter members.

Membership Support

Each CAMFT application package (given to prospective members) contains information about chapter affiliation. In addition, each process package (initial package sent to applicants upon receipt of member application) contains chapter information, as does each acceptance package (notification of acceptance by CAMFT Board).

A chapter can request and receive, at no charge, up to four mailing/e-mail lists per year comprised of members of CAMFT located within the region represented by the chapter. These can be used for special chapter promotions or membership drives. The request form is available on CAMFT’s website in the “Forms” area of the “Chapter Information” section.

CAMFT sends a monthly add/drop report to chapter presidents and membership chairs at the beginning of each month. These reports show:

Chapters are encouraged to use these lists to target and recruit new members.

  1. All newly added CAMFT members residing in chapter’s zip code range, and
  2. All former, dropped CAMFT members from the chapter’s zip code range who as of that month, are no longer members.

Leadership Development

CAMFT Leadership Conference
February 21-22, 2020
Westin San Francisco Airport

CAMFT hosts a weekend-long meeting each year for chapter representatives to promote networking and information exchange among chapter leaders. A typical program includes an informative keynote address from an association management expert and various breakout sessions on issues pertaining to organizing and sustaining a successful chapter.

The Chapter Excellence awards and stipends will be presented during the Conference to chapters who have shown exemplary achievement in various fields. Chapters are encouraged to submit an application to be considered for the chapter excellence award. The Nomination packet is available HERE. The submission deadline is January 3, 2020.


The CAMFT Executive Director and staff present programs for chapters as requested. These are available at no charge to any chapter that requests a presentation. CAMFT pays costs for transportation and lodging. These presentations may be as brief as an hour or a full day’s “Legal and Ethical Issues: Best Practices” workshop.

CAMFT will not be taking any more requests for Law and Ethics Workshops for 2019. If your chapter received a presentation in 2019, your next presentation will be in the year 2021. If your chapter did not receive a presentation in 2019, you may request a presentation to take place between June 1, 2020 and December 13, 2020. Click HERE to complete the request form.

For information on the State of CAMFT, legislative updates, BBS updates, and general governance issues, you can request a member of CAMFT staff to speak at your next chapter meeting or event. Click HERE to complete the request form.

A CAMFT attorney will provide an instructional guide of the laws and regulations surrounding the process of trainee to intern to application to LMFT, including a review of the forms involved in the process and a discussion of the breakdown of hours. Click HERE to complete the request form.

If you would like to voice your chapter's specific concerns to CAMFT, or simply give CAMFT a better sense of specific projects your chapter is working on, you can request a chapter visit from CAMFT’s outreach coordinator Michele Champion. She can be reached at

If your chapter has developed a relationship with local universities and its MFT faculty, please reach out to CAMFT's outreach coordinator Michele Champion at, to receive membership materials to bring along on your next visit. For those chapters who would like to build relationships with neighboring schools, CAMFT is happy to help build those bridges and even join you on your visit.

Your enthusiastic Board of Directors at CAMFT is eager to connect with you and meet your fellow chapter board leaders and members. We encourage you to reach out to a CAMFT Board member in your region!