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Confidentiality is a cornerstone that differentiates the therapist patient relationship from many other professional relationships, it also has a myriad of exceptions, both mandatory and permissive, which therapists must be equipped to navigate.

One of the most important decisions a therapist can make, when forming a private practice, is choosing the right type of business entity to form. Most therapists wish to avoid personal liability for the obligations of their business and may also wish

Therapists in California are mandated to report known or suspected instances of child abuse or neglect, as defined in the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act. Learn more about how to report abuse that has occurred outside of California.

The Role of Minor’s Counsel in Family Court Proceedings

Advertising Guidelines for Therapists

Consent for the Treatment of Minors: Caregiver Authorization

A therapist who treats a child in the midst of a custody battle needs to be aware of his or her proper role in the process.

This article will attempt to clearly spell out what therapists need to do prior to disclosing information about their patients.