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SB 620 Signed by Governor

CAMFT Staff Attorney Sara Jasper, JD, explains the recent revisions to the laws that govern independent contractor relationships in California, and how those laws impact MFTs.

CAMFT’s Deputy Executive Director, Cathy Atkins, JD, discusses changes to California law, and the new test employers must use to determine if their independent contractors classification is legally permissible.

This article summarizes the changes in law that go into effect January 1, 2019 and January 1, 2020 regarding supervisor qualifications, duties and requirements

This article is a review of the 2015 proposed BBS Legislation, SB 620, which would re-craft the licensing path for aspiring LMFTs.

in 1980, California passed a series of laws "...with the intent and purpose to protect children from abuse and neglect." This is the Child Abuse and Reporting Act, otherwise known as the CANRA laws.

Covered California Corner, formerly known as the California Health Benefits Exchange

While some of your more difficult clients weren???t so pleasant to work with, they have since moved along. However, some difficult clients remain engrossed in your practice, your thoughts, your life???costing you money, time, sleep, and potentially

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