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This article explains what information marriage and family therapists need to know about becoming an authorized provider for the California Victim Compensation Board program.

This article by staff attorney Alain Montgomery, JD, defines what a practice management company is and describes the advantages and disadvantages of using the array of services it offers therapists.

CAMFT Attorney Alain Montgomery, JD, takes a deep look into the various—and highly nuanced—elements that therapists must evaluate when receiving gifts from clients and when thinking of giving a gift to a client.

The Basics of Telehealth. This article discusses the legal, ethical, and business considerations related to the practice of telehealth, and explains the California regulations pertaining to telehealth and the specific CAMFT Code of Ethics provisions that relate to telehealth.

This article, contributed by CAMFT Staff  Attorney Alain Montgomery, JD, explores the ethical, legal, and practical issues LMFTs must consider when retiring.

CAMFT Staff Attorney Alain Montgomery, JD, explores the ethical, legal, and practical considerations of creating a professional will.

This article provides recommendations and suggestions that a therapist may choose to utilize to ensure competent and sound best practices.

  This article will explore some of the legal, ethical, and practical considerations that MFTs to be mindful of when serving in a crisis response role when providing mental health services.  

This article discusses issues around supervised experience and advertising for MFT Trainees.

This article, in addition to providing a sample Patient Intake Form, discusses some of the considerations to be mindful of with respect to information that is shared or communicated to the patient through the patient intake process.