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Bradley J. Muldrow, JD discusses how AB 1145 changed the mandated reporting requirements for situations in which minors are engaged in certain forms of consensual sexual activity. The article also highlights key mandated reporting rules that were not impacted by this new law.

CAMFT Staff Attorney Bradley J.  Muldrow, JD, provides an overview of a new regulation that limits the BBS’s ability to deny associate applications based on criminal convictions and formal disciplinary actions from other  licensing boards.

While reporting domestic violence is not mandated for MFTs, there are other reporting duties that may be triggered by a domestic violence situation. This article reviews the reporting duties that may arise for MFTs in such scenarios.

This article will briefly review the duty of confidentiality for psychotherapists as well as attorneys. It will also look at the exception carved out by CANRA and Tarasoff and lastly, it will examine the Elijah W. case and explain the resulting

in 1980, California passed a series of laws "...with the intent and purpose to protect children from abuse and neglect." This is the Child Abuse and Reporting Act, otherwise known as the CANRA laws.

Your Duty to Report Serious Threats of Violence to the Police, Which is Like Your Tarasoff Duty to Protect, but not Exactly The duty to report is different from the Tarasoff duty to protect, both in terms of the aims of the laws and how they are discharged.  This article will distinguish the two duties

This article provides an overview of the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) and discusses the mandatory reporting obligations for psychotherapists.

During a session with your 14-year-old client you learn information that leads you to believe she is a victim of child abuse. As a well trained therapist, you call Child Protective Services (???CPS???) after the session to report the abuse and are to

Time and time again, there seems to be much confusion with regard to whether an MFT must, or is even permitted to, report consensual sexual activity involving minors. Learn when it is mandatory to report consensual sexual activity.

One of the more significant legal responsibilities that licensees, interns, and trainees have is the reporting of elder and dependent adult abuse.