2023 CAMFT Leadership Conference

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Chapter Leadership Virtual Conference 2023

The CAMFT Leadership Conference bring over 150 Chapter leaders together from our 28 chapters across the state to network with colleagues and attend workshops geared towards the successful maintenance and growth of their chapters.


Since her first Motorola RAZR flip phone, Beth has made a verb out of the word nerd. She’s here to help you filter through thousands of apps, gadgets, widgets and doodads to find the perfect free and bargain technology tools for work and home.

Beth’s presentations are fun and interactive. She has been featured on several Best Speaker lists and is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest earned credential from the National Speakers Association. She has written multiple books on apps and has spoken to over 100,000 people.

Attendees will receive a signed copy of her book: Nerd365: A Year of APP-ortunities to Upgrade Your Life.  Click here to read more about Beth.

DATE AND TIME:  Saturday, February 4, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

LOCATION: For Chapters who want to meet in-person this year, here is an opportunity for your board and committee chairs to get together to experience the conference in-person. Refer to "How to Participate" below. 

COST:  Registration is free 

WHO MAY ATTEND?: 2023 Chapter Board Members and Committee Chairs, 2022-2023 Chapter Advisory Council Members, 2022-2023 CAMFT State Board Members

TESTIMONIALS FROM 2022 ATTENDEES: Click here for the testimonials or, scroll down to the bottom of the page.


View Individually, or

We’ve been successful doing virtual conferences the past two years, so we are keeping the virtual option for this year.

New this year!

You have the option to view individually from the comfort of your own home, or join your chapter to view the conference as a group


How to be part of the conference when viewing individually 

Session login links

  • To join, click on the links provided for each individual session
  • The links will be emailed 2 weeks out with the welcome letter, 1 week out, the day before, and the day of the conference

On/off camera

  •  Attendees will have the option to select when and if they would like to appear on camera


  • BYO Breakfast and join your online peers for an early start to the conference
  • You will be on your own for lunch, and the morning and afternoon breaks

Chats/Q & A

  • We hope you will enjoy being actively involved in the online chats and live/online Q&A

View as a Group

For chapters who want to meet in-person this year, here is an opportunity for your board and committee chairs to get together to experience the conference in-person.

PLEASE NOTE: Every member attending as part of the group needs to pre-register for the conference.


Chapters are responsible for providing their own location. We recommend a location convenient for all, such as: 

  • Community centers; Country clubs, and  Church halls, or 
  • Board member/committee chair’s home or office

Plan Ahead

When you select a meeting location, be sure to plan for:

  • comfortable seating for all
  • a space for meals & breaks
  • strong internet service
  • audio loud enough for everyone to hear (external speakers recommended) and
  • all costs associated with the location (refer to Budget below)

How to be part of the conference when viewing as part of a group

Option I: Have one person in the group log in to the conference online and connect to a large screen/TV

  • We recommend that you arrange the seating in such a way that everyone has access to the screen/ TV, as well as each other for discussions
  •  For those in the group wanting to participate in the virtual chats and/or connect with chapter leaders attending virtually, they have th eoption to login on their personal devices

Option 2: Instead of viewing the conference on a large screen/TV, everyone in the group can login on their personal devices

  • So that everyone has an opportunity to participate in the live conversations and virtual chats and connect with chapter leaders attending virtually
  • We recommend that you arrnge the seating in such a way that you have easy access to each other for discussions throughout the sessions
  • MUTE:

2023 Budget

  • We recommend that your chapter allocate CLC funds in the 2023 budget to cover location, AV rental and parking (if applicable), and food and beverages for meals and breaks

Meals & Breaks

  • Breakfast will be an opportunity for all of you to meet in-person, have a meal together, and to discuss what you would like to get out of the conference 
  • Lunch will be another opportunity to relax, share a meal, and to discuss outcomes from the morning sessions

Synthesis Session

  • You have a choice to stay connected with the online participants, or log off and be together with your own chapter leaders to plan the future of your chapter
  • You are welcome to set up a Zoom line for those of your chapter members unable to join you in-person

Conference Conclusion

  • For the chapters meeting in-person, you are encouraged to continue the discussion, relax together and network, or be done for the day.

Chapter Attendees


  • Understand CAMFT organization better, and be more aware of all the support available from state and other chapter leaders (outside own chapter) ~ San Fernando Valley Chapter
  • To feel more connected and have a sense of purpose in their roles within their chapter! ~ Los Angeles Chapter
  • To feel more engaged and to get ideas for a good chapter.~ Sierra Foothills Chapter
  • Aside from the valuable content, dynamic presenters, is the opportunity to meet amazing CAMFT members statewide. ~ Sacramento Valley Chapter
  • It's THE way to network with other emerging leaders in the field, and to ensure you're using best practices as a chapter.~ State Board member, Chico Regional Chapter
  • It’s great to see and cheer your chapter and colleagues on all that we’re doing right while also being encouraged to think how to do things better/easier (and pick the brains of others who have figured out how to do the latter). ~ San Fernando Valley Chapter
  • The work we do in our chapters can be very isolating. It's incredibly helpful to hear how we're all facing the same industry changes, and it's great to have the chance to learn from each other.~ Sacramento Valley Chapter
  • The information provided was great to bring back to the board and grow our chapter. ~ Orange County Chapter
  • Professional growth and development and leadership succession. ~ Southwest Riverside County Chapter

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