If you are interested in serving on a Committee, please send a cover letter of interest indicating the committee in which you are interested along with your resume to CAMFT at 7901 Raytheon Road, San Diego, CA 92111. Committee appointments are made by the President of the Board of Directors. Submit resume and Letter of Interest to Andrea Redd at aredd@camft.org.  

Meetings are held via video/tele-conference.  Occasionally, an in-person meeting is required.

To view the names of current Committee Members click here.

To view a job description for a particular committee, click on the committee from the list below.

   Annual Conference and Continuing Education Committee  (up to 6 open seats)

   Audit Committee   (2 open seats)

   Bylaws Committee   (3 open seats)

  CAMFT Connects Committee  (up to 6 open seats)

   Certified Supervisor Program Committee  (1 open seat)

   Chapter Advisory Committee  (3 - 5 open seats)

   Clinical Editorial Committee   (up to 4 open seats)

   Continuing Education Provider Approval (CEPA) Committee   (up to 25 open seats)

   Crisis Response Education and Resource Committee   (up to 6 open seats)

   Educational Foundation Board of Directors   (1 open seat)

   Educational Foundation Scholarship Committee   (up to 8 open seats)

   Educational Foundation Strategic Planning Committee   

   Elections Committee   (up to 5 open seats)

   Ethics Committee   (up to 6 open seats)

   Finance Committee  (up to 3 open seats)

   Honors Committee   (3 open seats)

   Insurance and Healthcare Reform Committee   (up to 4 open seats)

   Legislative Committee  

   Nominating Committee   (4 open seats)

   Political Action Committee   (1 open seat)

   Pre-Licensed Committee   (up to 4 open seats)

   Public Outreach Committee  

   Purview Committee  

   Strategic Planning Committee   (up to 3 open seats)

Note: The Executive Committee composition is dictated by the Bylaws and, thus, non-officers may not be considered.