Labor Board Employment Issues

Pre-Licensees' Corner

California Labor Laws that Affect MFT Interns and Employers

Throughout the years, CAMFT has provided our interpretation of pertinent California labor laws, as well as suggestions and recommendations to employers and prelicensed members on the employment issues fundamental to the LMFT profession. Articles on this topic have been written by CAMFT’s Staff Attorneys for The Therapist magazine and are currently available on the CAMFT website at the following links:

  • To read about the process and procedures for filing a wage claim with the California Labor Commissioner, see “Waging a Claim Over Wages (The Therapist ()) by Ann Tran-Lien, JD, Managing Director of Legal Affairs, which can be accessed here.
  • For a discussion of the 2013 Labor Board ruling in which the Labor Board found that an intern working toward her psychologist license is an employee and not volunteer, see “Recent Labor Board Ruling Sets Precedent for California Internships ” (The Therapist (May/June 2015)) by Ann Tran-Lien, JD, Managing Director of Legal Affairs.
  • For an in-depth look at the labor laws and whether Interns can pay for supervision, see “Charging Trainees and Intern Employees for Supervision: Part IT(he Therapist (Jul/Aug 2013)) by Sara Kashing, JD, Staff Attorney.
  • To read about whether a non-profit organization is considered a “commercial enterprise” and how to comply with the laws when classifying interns, read “Are Nonprofits ‘Commercial Enterprises’? Part 2 ” (The Therapist (Jul/Aug 2013)) by David Jensen, JD, former Staff Attorney.