Code of Ethics

CAMFT Code of Ethics

The practice of marriage, and family therapy and psychotherapy is both an art and a science. It is varied in its approach, technique, modality, and method of service delivery. These ethical standards are to be read, understood, and utilized as a guide for ethical behavior. The general principles contained in this code of conduct are also used as a basis for the adjudication of ethical issues and/or complaints (both within and outside of CAMFT) that may arise. Ethical behavior must satisfy not only the judgment of the individual marriage and family therapist, but also the judgment of his/her peers, based upon a set of recognized norms.

Members of CAMFT are expected to be familiar with and abide by the CAMFT Code of Ethics and by applicable California laws and regulations governing the conduct of licensed marriage, and family therapists, supervisors, educators, interns, applicants, students, and trainees.

Every conceivable situation that may occur cannot be expressly covered by any set of standards. The absence of a specific prohibition against a particular kind of conduct does not mean that such conduct is either ethical or unethical. While the specific wording of these standards is important, the spirit and intent of the principles should be taken into consideration by those utilizing or interpreting this code. The titles to the various sections of these standards are not considered a part of the actual standard.

Violations of these standards may be brought to the attention of the CAMFT Ethics Committee, in writing, at CAMFT’s administrative office, 7901 Raytheon Road, San Diego, CA 92111-1606.

Revisions to the CAMFT Code of Ethics

Beginning in August, 2015, the CAMFT Ethics Committee, in collaboration with legal staff and 2 former committee chairs serving as expert consultants, have held meetings to discuss and draft proposed revisions to the CAMFT Code of Ethics. The final proposed revisions will be offered to the CAMFT Membership for comment.

CAMFT Code of Ethics

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