Bill AB 1436 - BBS Suicide Prevention Training



Bill AB 1436 - BBS Suicide Prevention Training, was passed into law last year. Beginning January 1, 2021, every applicant for licensure as a marriage and family therapist, clinical social worker, educational psychologist, or professional clinical counselor must be able to demonstrate completion of at least six (6) hours of coursework or supervised experience in suicide risk assessment and intervention. Current licensees will also be required to demonstrate completion of this coursework or supervised experience in their first renewal period after January 1, 2021. Click here to view the full BBS explanation for this requirement.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this new law:

Q: If I took this coursework as a part of my graduate degree program, will that meet this requirement?

A:  Yes.  You will need to obtain a written certification from the registrar or the training director of your school stating that the coursework was a required part of the curriculum for your graduation/you have completed the coursework. 

Q: If the requirement is a part of my applied experience, will that meet this requirement?

A:  Yes.  The experience must have been obtained through your practicum or supervised experience required for licensure, formal doctoral placement, or other qualifying supervised experience.  You will need to obtain a written certification from the director or training for your program, or from your primary supervisor who supervised the experience. 

Q:  If I am a licensed MFT, can the six (6) hours of coursework be taken prior to 2021?

A:  Yes.  The course can be taken anytime in the past, as long as you are able to show proof of completion.  If you are licensed, you do not have to submit proof of completion, however, save the certificate in case the BBS audits/requests proof.   

Q: If I am up for license renewal December 30th, 2020—do I have to do the Suicide Prevention Training by this renewal date?

A: No, you would not have to complete the requirements for this mandate until your next renewal after January 1. 2021.

Q: If my license is up for renewal on September 1st, 2021, do I have to complete Suicide Prevention Training by January 1st, 2021?

A: No, you would have to provide proof of completing the requirements by your first renewal date after January 1, 2021, which in this case would be September 1, 2021.

Q. If I will be applying for my initial license renewal after January 1, 2021, are there other course requirements?

A: If your initial license renewal falls after January 1, 2020, you will be required to complete 7 hours of HIV/AIDS education, 6 hours of Law and Ethics education, and 8 hours of Suicide Prevention education. The 6 hours of Suicide Prevention and 7 hours of HIV/AIDs are one-time course requirements. For subsequent renewals, you will need to complete a minimum of 36 hours of continuing education, 6 of which must be in Law and Ethics.

CAMFT will be offering a six (6) hour workshop that meets this requirement.  Be on the lookout for more information coming soon!

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