January 2022 E-Newsletter



Dear Members:

As we enter 2022, we recognize the hope that a new year brings, along with the many challenges the last two years have brought to our physical and emotional health, especially for MFTs navigating their own way while holding space for their clients. I began 2022 reading a jarring New York Times article titled, “Why 1,320 Therapists Are Worried About Mental Health in America Right Now.” The article reviewed common themes of therapist burnout, increased patient substance use and suicidality, historic rates of children with anxiety and grief and more.  Sadly, it posted a fairly grim picture of what many have deemed the “second pandemic” of mental health problems. 

After reflecting on this article, I sat with my own emotions, knowing that these stresses are also hitting you, our members, in a very personal way. And yet, I also began to realize that while there is a crisis out there, there is also opportunity. There is opportunity for all therapists to reach patients they normally would not encounter, and to make huge impacts to help relieve the burden of anxiety and depression on many who feel lost and stricken with grief. There is opportunity for CAMFT to be a beacon of education and advocacy for our members so they are prepared.

I am hopeful to know that each therapist reading this can be that beacon of hope for the clients you see. It is also essential that all health care providers practice self-care and stay connected to their communities through CAMFT Chapters and other social outlets. Taking on your client’s anxiety, grief and pain without nurturing your own support system is destructive to you as a person and a provider.  It is CAMFT’s mission and goal to educate our members so that they set the bar on legal and ethical practices.  It is our mission and goal to advocate for and support you to have the most opportunities available out there, parity with other professions, and to make mental health and the marriage and family therapist the centerpiece of mental health in California.

Aligned with that mission, I wanted to give a quick update on what CAMFT is working on this month.  

  • New Laws and Regulations for 2022: CAMFT has developed several courses, webinars and articles to provide you with the information you need to navigate 2022. Please check out our newest On-Demand and Live webinars as well as our quick-view synopsis on all of the new laws and regulations impacting MFTs for 2022.
  • No Surprises Act: MFTs, like providers all over the country, are catching up with the changes that went into effect on January 1st.  To learn more about how the NSA impacts you as a provider, click here. CAMFT, along with many national mental health advocacy organizations, will be reaching out to the federal government to seek clarification on the delay in enforcement of the NSA, as well as to request a public comment period to better refine the NSA for long term care providers, including psychotherapists.
  • Executive Director Search:  The Board of Directors has moved swiftly in commencing the search for CAMFT’s next Executive Director.  CAMFT has already retained a search firm to assist the Board with their search, and we will keep you posted as the process moves forward.

We look forward to continuing to provide the support, education, advocacy and resources you need to continue to provide the invaluable services you do for your clients.

We wish you a healthy, prosperous and peaceful year.
Cathy Atkins signature
Cathy Atkins, JD
Deputy Executive Director


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