Waivers Extended

Waivers Extended

Videoconferencing Supervision Waiver Extended!

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has announced an extension of the Videoconferencing Supervision Waiver to August 31, 2022. This waiver allows for pre-licensees, regardless of the work setting, to be supervised via real-time videoconferencing, and for trainees to gain all of their face-to-face counseling hours in practicum via telehealth.

The BBS is pursuing urgency legislation to codify the videoconferencing supervision portion of the waiver into temporary statute. The bill, AB 1758 (Aguiar-Curry), has been put on until the legislature reconvenes in August 2022. We are hopeful the bill will be signed into law by the expiration of this waiver.

The waiver also allows for trainees to count hours of counseling experience provided through all forms of telehealth (e.g., telephone or videoconferencing) toward their 150 face-to-face counseling hours for practicum. This portion of the waiver lives outside of AB 1758, and when the waiver expires on August 31, 2022, trainees must gain their 150 required counseling hours either by providing services in-person or by videoconferencing. The BBS Telehealth Committee is discussing this topic at their meetings, and CAMFT will keep members apprised of any updates.

For more information, see CAMFT’s COVID FAQs.