Angela Turner - Board Candidate Statement

Angela Turner - Board Candidate Statement

Candidate for Clinical Director-At-Large

Angela Turner

Angela Turner
Candidate Statement

Dear CAMFT Colleagues and Members, 

I am Angela Turner, LMFT, and I am honored to be considered for a Director-at-Large position on the CAMFT Board. With 13 years of licensure, 18 years of practice, 11 years as a Clinical Supervisor (recently becoming a CAMFT Certified Supervisor), and 6 as the Director of a counseling agency, I come to the table with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. 

In my work as a therapist, my focus has been on children, teens, and adults, primarily from underserved, culturally diverse areas. Working in the elementary school environment, and outpatient counseling agency, with a broad spectrum of clients, I honed my skills and appreciate the sacred nature of therapy. 

The most fulfilling role of my career, thus far, is as a clinical supervisor. I am committed to the training of quality therapists. In my position as Director of On-Site Counseling Center at Fresno Pacific University, I work closely with the MFT department to recruit and train students. My involvement spans all points in the process, from interviewing incoming students, to teaching a practical course in counseling children, to placing Trainees as a practicum site, and hiring Associates as paid employees. All along the way, I have the privilege of walking with people as they become therapists. There are few things more exciting than receiving a text from a supervisee saying they have completed their hours, passed the clinical exam, and are stepping into licensure! 

As the Director of an agency, I have significantly expanded my capacity as a leader. My experience includes evaluating and setting policies, managing budgets, recruiting and hiring talented professionals, negotiating and marketing for new contracts, and fostering leadership development within my team. I network with other leaders through the Central Valley MFT Consortium and other local therapist groups. I bring these connections and skills as I seek to represent CAMFT membership and our profession at the local, state, and national levels. 

As a resident of the Central San Joaquin Valley, I am uniquely positioned to represent the interests and needs of our region on the CAMFT Board. The Central Valley finds itself in a complicated position where there is a chasm between the demand for therapy and access to it. Across the Central Valley, individuals and families are requesting counseling services and finding that either there are not enough therapists to fulfill the need and/or the cost of therapy makes it inaccessible. Full caseloads, too few therapists on insurance panels, an under-insured population, and high fee for service rates make it difficult for consumers to connect to the therapists they need. It is important these concerns and others related to the Central Valley be represented on the CAMFT Board. 

If elected as Director-at-Large, I am committed to leveraging my skills, experience, and passion to further CAMFT's mission. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the continued success and growth of our profession. 


Angela J. Turner, MA, LMFT #48145 
Fresno, CA
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