Jodi Shea - Candidate Statement

Candidate for Chief Financial Officer

Jodi Shea

Jodi Shea
Candidate Statement

Hello, fellow MFTs! My name is Jodie Shea LMFT, and I’m running for CAMFT Chief Financial Officer for the 2024-2025 term. Although this will be my first position at the State level, I have been involved with a few different local chapters over the past seven years. I have been the Secretary for the Orange County chapter for the past three years and will be the President for 2024. Having experience on the Executive Board has helped make me familiar with the more in-depth knowledge needed in supporting these larger organizations. After attending a recent CAMFT event and speaking with some current board members, it became apparent that it was a great time for me to step up to the next level. When I attended the interviews for CAMFT to solidify the candidates for each position, I applied for this position because I had no doubt that I had the skills needed to be successful. 

As an adult, I learned that I am neurodivergent. This, at times, has been a hinderance due to perfectionism tendencies but overall has been a superpower that I attribute a lot of my dedication and success. My mind loves to question “how things are done” while also knowing when to go with the flow and pick my battles. I love being the balanced voice for all sides of an issue to find a workable solution for all parties. I also love being the person that others can come to for support by sharing knowledge I’ve acquired or addressing things that have fallen through the cracks. Reliability is also important to me, and whenever I dedicate myself to something, I show up and get the job done. 

The CAMFT Strategic Plan currently focuses on advocacy, membership and marketing, and technology. These are all goals that I personally believe in. I have naturally been an advocate for therapists in work/life balance, financial stability, representation and fairness at a national level, and representation for underserved and at-risk communities. In my private practice, I specialize in relationships and sex therapy, which includes discussing issues of gender, sexuality, monogamy, freedom of expression, and others. I love the diverse clientele I see and getting the opportunity to educate those who may be in a privileged group to become more understanding of differences. For marketing and membership, I’m often told that I’m seen everywhere and part of the reason is that I value getting involved and connection. Ever since graduate school, I’ve been getting involved and attending conferences and other events, even if it was alone. For technology, this is one that is important to me, especially as an all telehealth provider. I value technology and the many ways it increases accessibility for all. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my statement, and I’d be honored to have your vote. 

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